Decorative stone of Ukraine


In Ukraine and abroad, the term “decorative stone” “decorative stone” can be used in several different meanings, which must be taken into account by specialists working in the field of extraction, processing, marketing and practical use of natural stones and articles thereof.

In general, the decorative adjective is derived from the French word décoratif, meaning: intended for decoration. The Italian word decorativo and German decorativ have the same meaning. In English, the word decorative also means everything that can give our surroundings attractiveness and beauty. Decorative can be: 1) representatives of wildlife – plants and animals; 2) representatives of inanimate nature – rocks, minerals, as well as artificial materials and products.

In English literature, the term decorative stones is commonly used as an architectural term to refer to any stones used for architectural ornaments, regardless of their origin. That is, decorative stones include not only natural marbles and granites, but also artificial stone materials: decorative bricks and concretes, ceramics and porcelain tiles, and more. However, for natural rocks used for decorative purposes in the construction, as well as for the construction of monumental sculptures and monuments in foreign practice usually use the term natural stones – natural stones. For artificial stone materials, foreigners use the term artificial stones.

According to Ukrainian legislation, all kinds of natural stones are divided into precious, semi-precious and decorative. In particular, the Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No.512 of 27 July 1994 “On the General Classification and Estimation of the Cost of Natural Stones” includes: andesite, gabbro, granite, dacite, calcifer, quartzite, conglomerates, labradorite, marble, sirenite, travertine tuff

In the domestic literature, the term decorative stones is usually understood as natural rocks – marbles, granites, labradorites, etc., which by their artistic-aesthetic, physical-mechanical and sanitary-hygienic qualities are suitable for the production of facing, architectural, architectural, and road construction products.

In the gallery (Catalog of decorative stone of Ukraine) samples of images of stones are presented in groups:

In the Catalog we use the already recognized classification of stones:

GR – Granites Red;

GP – Granites Polichrome;

GG – Granites Gray;

L – Labradorites;

Gb – Gabbro;

An – Anorthosites;

B – Basalts.

Others – limestone (V), marble (M), travertine (T)

Gallery decortive stone of Ukraine

Map of deposits and stone processing companies

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Equipment for stone extraction and processing

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